Retroclassique Silver 3" x 6" Floral

$15.95 / piece


Item is sold by the piece


In the tradition of hand-molded tiles, Retroclassique features slightly rounded edges and corners, a soft undulating surface and a thick 9mm body. The product of several years of research, the result is a tile that delivers a message of luxury. Solid colors are kept classic with bright white (Lily) and almond (Linen). Along with these two classic colors, we offer four earthy tones created by using a fume’ technique giving each tile a unique pattern and natural color variation.

  • Installation

    These instructions are meant to be a guide for most installations. Please refer to the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) Handbook as well as state and local building codes for specific installation types and proper subfloor preperation.



    • Bostik PM, Single Flex or is highly recommended for all installations. 
    • Grout joint should be a minimum of 1/16” and not butt set.

    Tile Mastic

    • Bostik D2001 in non-wet areas
    • Grout joint should be a minimum of 1/16” and not butt set.


    • Bostik Unsanded Grout for 1/16" to 1/8" joint
    • Bostik Vivid Grout is a rapid curing, premium grade, stain resistant cementitious grout for demanding commercial and residential projects. It offers consistent color technology with enhanced stain and efflorescence protection.Joint size 1/16" to 1/2"
  • Specs

    Status: Special Order (not returnable)

    Size: 3" x 6" 

    Coverage: 1/2  Linear Foot

    Material: Ceramic 

    Finish: Gloss

    Residential Use: Yes

    Commercial Use: Yes


  • Usage

    Use in the following areas

    • Bathroom walls 
    • Backsplash 
    • Any interior wall application
    • Residential, Light Commercial & Heavy Commercial

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