Prodeso Uncoupling & Waterproof Membrane

Prodeso Uncoupling & Waterproof Membrane

A superior and cost effective alternative to Schluter Ditra with no more guessing on what type of thinset to use. Prodeso Uncoupling Membrane allows you to use modified thinset for adhearing the membrane to the floor as well as setting the tile.  


  • 3' 3" X 98' 5"
  • COVERS 323 Sq. Ft.
  • Overview

    Time Efficient: Prodeso Membrane reduces drastically the installation times, as it is possible to install tiles right after the membrane is fixed to the subfloor. Same day tile installation saves time and money.

    Flexible: It is suitable for multiple types of subfloor including very large surfaces both indoor and outdoor. Can be used with small mosaics floor or very large tiles and thin-tiles.

    Safe: It is suitable for substrates with cracks and stress tension as it doesn’t transmit tension in the subfloor to the tile coverings and vice versa. It is also suitable on substrates not perfectly aged.

  • Specs


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