Schluter Alternatives


Schluter Alternatives

Prodeso by Progress Profiles

A superior and cost effective alternative to Schluter Ditra with no more guessing on what type of thinset to use. Prodeso Uncoupling Membrane allows you to use modified thinset for adhearing the membrane to the floor as well as setting the tile.  

Prodeso Heat

Don't pay extra for the Schluter name, Prodeso Heat Membrane combined with Flextherm XL cable is virtually the same product without the high price tag.

Profoil is a cheaper alternative to Schluter Kerdi without sacrificing quality. It's applied the same as Kerdi with with both in and out corners.

Schluter's Kerdi foam board is great but super expensive. Try GoBoard by Johns Manville available in 3'x5'x1/4" and 1/2" thickness.

PreFormed® Curb Overlays are made from high-density polystyrene with a liquid-applied waterproof coating on the outer surface. Curb Overlays also have a fiberglass mesh reinforcement integrated into the product for further strength and bonding power.

PreFormed® Niches are molded from high-density polystyrene with a liquid-applied waterproof coating. PreFormed® Niches' unique in-wall design allows them to be tiled with the same tile as the walls. Niches can also be used as a decorative nook in kitchens, foyers or any other area of a home imagined.

Metal Tile Trim

Metal tile trim in different sizes, colors and shapes.

 3/8 L shape in: silver, silver matte, nickel, white, black & brushed silver

 3/8 round in: silver, silver matte & white

5/16 round in: silver

1/2 L shape in: gold

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